Environmentally friendly treatment of wood poles March 16, 2017

This short informational article on the treatment of wood poles focuses on the positive impact such treatments make on the green environment which today needs to be preserved at all costs. Long before eco-friendliness and saving the environment became buzzwords, these wood treatment processes were already in full force. It was, in any case, a necessary practice for all stakeholders who continued to utilize wood traditionally or by necessity across the North American continent. One of the biggest bugbears for natural wood has always been the multitudinous presence of termites.

Where wood stands, termites go. There are other harmful forces that need to be guarded against. These include corrosion, crumbling and spalling. There is also the possibility of fungi causing damage to standing wood structures. But environmentally friendly treated wood poles can withstand all or most forces of nature, depending where the structures are located. And why, after all, is the preservation of wood, in this case, so environmentally friendly.

In the southern pine belt mainly, experienced foresters continue to enjoy strong relationships with land owners and timber companies. This gives them access to the best quality timber. But timber is well preserved and the forests in which it dwells live long lives today. In part, this is thanks to the nongovernmental initiative known as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This is an NGO devoted to sustainable forest management throughout North America.

Foresters and utility wood suppliers are strong supporters of this globally effective initiative. Working in tandem with forestry owners and managers, woodcutters and utility wood pole warehouse owners are committed to preserving wood as a valuable natural resource. This is done effectively through selective harvesting and the carrying out of preservation specific reforestation techniques.

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